Amanda Stanton of ‘The Bachelor’ defends her hair from California to Arizona

Amanda Stanton of 'The Bachelor' defends her hair from California to Arizona
Wanda J Diaz
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The contestant from season 20 of “The Bachelor”, who appeared on “Bachelor in Paradise”, documented her traveling to the Arizona Hair Salon with her 8-year-old daughter, Kinsley, on her confirmed Instagram account.

“I went too far to finish my hair & may have peed on the dirt road, because I am afraid of using public restrooms,” she wrote She posts Instagram articles. “But it’s worth it.”

In another post, the mother of two wrote that she had been at home since March 14 and had not even gone to the grocery store.

“I haven’t done my hair since January and my hair stylist I’ve been going to for years has opened her salon,” she wrote. “When she opened up when there were more people, I wanted to go.”

She and her daughter had previously tested negative for Kovid-19 and posted a photo of herself with the caption “I have never been to a hair appointment in my life.”

Stanton took to her Instagram Stories again after she was criticized for going stylistically while others continued to be detained.

“I was really affected by some setbacks I received yesterday and I don’t care what other people think of me or feel the need to protect me sometimes (especially when I know I’m doing my best),” she wrote.

Stanton writes that since she is accustomed to being active, it is difficult to give her shelter and the concern is for her to “observe character flaws and replay / analyze the mistakes I have made.”

But not everyone was bothered by her decision and the reality star said she received positive messages from some of her followers.

“Putting aside the setbacks yesterday, I was feeling pretty good, my hair was done and had a great day at Kin’s Hair Salon,” Stanton wrote. “She told me, ‘It’s almost like a normal day,’ and it made my heart cry tears of joy.”

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