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Baby Chef Cobb has been cooking up a million Instagram followers

Baby Chef Cobb has been cooking up a million Instagram followers
Patrick R Lanz
Written by Patrick R Lanz

This kid is a cookin with gas.

Kobe is only a year old, but he has more than a million followers on Instagram watching videos of his baby face – and in fact, everyone has signed up for the past six weeks, CNN reported.

In the aptly titled “Kobe Eats” series, everything from family favorites such as little man macaroni and cheese to international cuisine such as Turkish men – eggs in garlic tomato sauce.

“We launched his Kobe Eats Instagram at the end of February,” mother Ashley Vian told the cable network. “He had 200 followers until April 15, and then it went up! 100k, 200k, 500k… we weren’t sure!”

Cobb hasn’t spoken much yet, though he does share his taste and taste, the way they comment. One episode marked a major milestone for both the boy and his father, Kyle: Kobe first said “Dada”.

Vian told CNN that she started the series as a way to share Koen’s kitchen antics with friends and family.

She admits that her boy isn’t the coolest in the kitchen, but happily cleans up after him because he’s learning so much.

“He examines new materials, experiences new textures, and learns practical skills such as pouring, scooping and measuring,” Vian told CNN. “Yeah it’s confusing, but that’s it. A mess is just a mess! It can be cleaned up! The memories we made will last forever. “

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