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Brooklyn Field Hospital has never seen a coronavirus patient

Brooklyn Field Hospital has never seen a coronavirus patient
Patrick R Lanz
Written by Patrick R Lanz

City officials say nearly 21 million Brooklyn Field Hospital, authorized by the de Blasio administration at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, has been closed without seeing a patient.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal at Red Hook is one of several sites in five boroughs as a way to relieve the city’s burdensome hospital system following the rise of the COVID-19 crisis.

One day after the USNS Comfort Hospital Ship arrived in New York Harbor to help fight the coronavirus – Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans on March 31 – for an 8 20.8 million Red Hook Field hospital with an estimated capacity of 750 beds.

Field Hospital was built by Texas-based construction company SLSCO.

“They’re going to set it up fast and we’ll move on to the next site, the next site, the next site to meet our goal,” De Blasio told reporters at the press conference.

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal at Red Hook
Field Hospital is closed before it ever opens.

The makeshift hospital at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal was supposed to open in April, but was not ready until May 4 – and The City of Cancellation, which is now unused First reported.

“As part of our hospital surge, we have expanded capacity at breakneck speeds, ensuring that our hospital infrastructure is ready to handle much worse.

“Over the past few months, social distance, facial expressions and other precautionary measures have sharpened the curve, and we are focused on pushing that progress further,” Cohen said.

FEMA is expected to repay the funds to Red Hook Hospital.

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