Chrissy Teigen ‘Not Happy’ Allison Roman column put on vacation

Chrissy Teigen 'Not Happy' Allison Roman column put on vacation
Wanda J Diaz
Written by Wanda J Diaz

“I hope we can laugh about it one day, but I’m not happy with the NYT holiday, so she’s not laughing about it yet,” Teigen wrote in a tweet. “It sucked in all kinds of ways.”

Roman’s column was placed on “temporary leave,” a New York Times spokesman who declined to elaborate told CNN earlier this week.

Teigen responded after a colleague Barry Weiss tweeted a story from the Times The Daily Beast, First reported that the Roman column was placed on leave.

“You had to do real work to get it canceled. Apparently now you have to criticize a celebrity!” Weiss wrote.

“I don’t like it one bit and I’m doing what I can (Twitter),” Teigen tweeted in response.

CNN reached out to Roman for comment.

Roman apologized and said she was “very embarrassed” about her comments regarding Teigen and Mary Kondo’s business New user Published last week.

“One of the most embarrassing things I started processing was that my comments were rooted in my own insecurity,” Roman wrote in a social media post last Friday. “My inability to appreciate my own success without comparing myself and overthrowing others – in this case, two accomplished women – is something I certainly recognize. I am certainly working hard and working to fix it. I don’t want to be a person like that.”

Both Teigen and Kondo have cooking ways to sell as part of their business empires, which Roman seemed to criticize in his New Consumer Interview.

“When Marie Kondo decided to use her fame and make things you could buy, it was completely contrary to everything she taught you,” Roman quoted, when asked about the line between consumption and pollution. “I like it, damn, b *** ha, you’re selling right away! Someone’s like ‘you have to make stuff’ and she’s like, ‘Okay, slap my name on it. I don’ t give it as a ***!”

Roman’s criticism of two successful Asian women has backfired on social media and suffered from Teigen, who wrote on Twitter that she considers herself a Roman’s supporter and admirer.

Prior to the column’s suspension, Teigen acknowledged Roman’s apology in a series of tweets.

“I think you’re still very talented,” Teigen wrote. “And in an industry that doesn’t really lend itself to supporting more than a few people at a time, I feel like we have everything in common!”

A spokeswoman for Kondo previously told CNN she had no comment.

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