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If the NBA Draft Plan is talking and Lamelo Ball fits

If the NBA Draft Plan is talking and Lamelo Ball fits
Patrick R Lanz
Written by Patrick R Lanz

You ask, we answer. The Post is fielding questions from readers about New York’s biggest pro sports teams and answering them in a series of mailbags that our beat writers regularly publish. In today’s installment: the Knicks.

Should the Knicks go for the best fit or best player available in this year’s draft? – Yaron Rehmani

The Knicks need to go for the best fit, and this is a point guard for the future, as it is very difficult to trap a top man in free agency.

This is a weak draft in which some believe that there is not much difference among the top-12 rated players. This is very unusual. Can go for need.

The Post has undoubtedly learned that Lamelo Ball is currently the top-rated point guard on the Knicks board.

It’s no surprise to learn that new President Leon Rose loves to shoot for the stars. Knicks officials believe the 6-foot-7 playmaker / driver is the top pick in the entire draft, despite the lack of a 3-point shot. Rose was already dealing with open father LaVar Ball when her sons were briefed with the Creative Artists Agency.

Lamelo Ball
Lamelo BallAP

The Post has already reported that the league is already hoping that Father LaVar Ball will try to steer him toward big-market Knicks. What would it do if the Knicks were sixth in the draft? They have to get into the top 3 with a not so hot club in Lamelo or LaVar. Let’s hope the group doesn’t ask for the King’s ransom.

If the Knicks are 6th after the lottery drawing, the ball does not fall into that slot. Keep an eye on the pistons and ball in the lottery. Detroit is one of the few teams to die for the point guard.

If the Knicks are in the 6-10 range, Cole Anthony, Tyrese Halliburton, Killian Hayes, Tyrese Maxey – maybe R.J. Hampton or Kira Lewis – all in the game.

Taking on the best player available – like Israel Point forward Deni Awadiza – doesn’t seem to be the way to go in this PG-heavy draft of equality.

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Argentina has a new Manu Ginobili at point guard Fakundo Campazo; Could he be the Knicks ’solution next season? – Juan

Didn’t you land the next Pablo Prigioni, Argentina, in the NBA and with the Knicks until the age of 35? Campazzo passed early in his career because of his size, but Campazo is improving to Real Madrid in the Spanish League as a field general. Buying in Campazo is burdensome and has pandemic problems.

Campazo is 29 years old now, but the Knicks need a perfect starter. The name to remember more in 2021 is when Frank Ntilikina and Dennis Smith Jr. are free agents.

“He was 5-11 with J.J. Barry But he is a pick-and-roll magician, says ESPN’s Draft Wizard Fran Fraschilla. “He is an exciting player and a magical passer. The Nix has deposited their European scout, Kevin Wilson, in Spain. Former Knicks European scout Tim Shea said of Campazo: “He has shown steady progress over the years and in skill development, especially with Real Madrid over the last few years. He was ready. Pure point guard. ”

If the Knicks trade for CP3, is the Thunder paying with a draft pick to get out of his books? (If not) this is Carmelo-to-Nix at the expense of eliminating the team and losing cap flexibility again. – Sea Fitz

With the pay-cap significantly tightening due to pandemic income losses, Paul’s salary would not be enough if the Knicks did not pay. The Knicks would love to pawn the last year of the Smith deal to 7 5.7 million. They need to add Kevin Knox (6 4.6 million), whom Rose has not sold yet, or even Ntilikina ($ 6.2 million), the Post reported.

Paul turned 35 on May 6 and made 45 million the next season. Amnesty regulations are being set up because of the pandemic. The Knicks can see if Chris Paul, who became a free agent, loves his former agent Rose.

Both Kobe and Jordan have higher usage rates and Isolation volumes when triangulating than Melo. In fact, Mel Jackson’s rate was the lowest of his career during Phil Jackson’s reign. It is clear that the problem is not Melo. What do you need to take? – Kevin V.

Jackson won 11 NBA rings as an NBA head coach, both as a player. Anthony never won the title. I am aligned with Jackson’s philosophies to build a title contender.

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