Margaret Maughan: Trailblazing Paralympian has died aged 91

Margaret Maughan: Trailblazing Paralympian has died aged 91
Iris J Cook
Written by Iris J Cook

In the 1960 Paralympics in Rome, Maughan competed in five other sports, winning a landmark gold medal in archery.

She is a strong advocate for the Paralympic movement and lit up at the 2012 Paralympics opening in London.

After a road accident in Malawi in 1959, Maughan was paralyzed from the waist down. A leading neurologist who founded the Paralympic Movement, she was treated by Dr Ludwig Gutman in the UK.

“Today we regret the loss of one of the great legends of Great Britain in the Paralympic Games with the passing of Margaret Maughan,” said British Paralympic Association Chair Nick Webbourn.

“Although her passing is very sad, the fact that she lived to the age of 91 is proof of the work of Sir Ludwig Gutmann, who changed public care with a spinal cord injury, and people with disabilities through sports are rich and able to live.

“Margaret, we thank you for everything you have done, and we will never forget you, even if we miss you tremendously.”

On her archery gold, Maughan also competed in swimming, winning the gold medal in the 50-meter backstroke at the 1960 Paralympics, where she was the sole competitor.

She also competed in the archery and archery hybrid of dachary in 1972 and the lawn mower in the 1980s.

She won all five medals, three golds and two silver medals in her career.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Margaret Maughan on behalf of British Para-Swimming,” said Chris Farber, National Performance Director of British Para-Swimming.

“She was a great inspiration and helped to pave the way for what the Paralympic movement has now turned into.

“Seeing her light is the astounding moment in London and everyone involved in the para sport will miss her deeply.”

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