Match: Champions for Charity – Sporting Royalty set for a 10 million charity golf match

Match: Champions for Charity - Sporting Royalty set for a 10 million charity golf match
Iris J Cook
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Golf Titans Tiger Woods And Phil Mickelson NFL Superstars Peyton Manning and Tom Brady At a charity golf match to raise money for the fight against coronavirus.
Sunday’s clash known as’ The Match: Champions for Charity ‘begins a rematch of Woods’ Television brawl With Mickelson in 2018, but with the added interest of two great quarterbacks to play the game this time.

WarnerMedia (CNN’s parent company) donated $ 10 million to local and national causes, including players.

“The COVID-19 pandemic caused unimaginable tragedy and heartbreak,” said Jeff Zucker, chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports.

“We hope this event and the venue will help raise meaningful funding for Kovid-19 relief, while also providing a source of brief distraction and entertainment for all sports fans.”

There are currently 1,577,758 Covid-19 cases in the United States and 94,729 deaths Latest data.

Behind closed doors

The Showcase match takes place at the Medalist Golf Club in Florida, USA, but is played behind closed doors between the pandemic.

The prestigious venue is very familiar to Woods, who regularly practices the course and gives the American a potential advantage over the weekend.

He partnered with Manning to take over Mickelson and Brody for over 18 holes – a four-ball format on the front and a nine-shot alternate shot on the back.

Players are not allowed their usual caddies but are able to ride in their own carts.

The four athletes boast between 20 golf majors and eight Super Bowls and enjoy healthy matches with each other.

Woods and Mickelson have been two of the biggest names in men’s golf for the past two decades and have been known to have a close relationship with their rivalry, but over time it has become a very friendly competition.

Woods, 44, has won 15 majors in his roller coaster career and has been tied for most PGA Tour events (82). Meanwhile, the 49-year-old Mickelson has won 44 tour events, including five major championships.

Worst talk

The eldest of the two may not have won much in his career, but he has had the bragging rights since their last $ 9 million match and was quick to bring it to the attention of his opponent.

“This is a trophy for” The Match, I don’t know if this is Tiger, you may have a glimpse, but in reality the trophy looks like you won it, “Mickelson laughs, his trophy during a video call between the four Bleacher Report.

Not to be outdone, Woods smashed back wearing the famous green jacket he won at last year’s Masters.

Similarly, Brody and Manning competed against each other in their play, and two tee golfers shared a fight in the buildup.

“I will be a partner! I sensed fear in their eyes yesterday !!” Brody wrote on Twitter in response to Mickelson’s tweet.

When Manning retired in 2016, Brody recently joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after spending 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, winning six of the nine Super Bowls he reached.

During distinguished spells at the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, Manning won two Super Bowls and retired as the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdowns and passing yards.

Both NFL legends enjoy the opportunity to play with avid golfers and their heroes.

“I think it’s all about the ability to do good and help others,” Brady said.

“I certainly can’t deny that I get a chance to play golf with the three guys I always watch in sports.”

‘We want sports’

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is one of the guest commentators today and is looking forward to seeing the sport return.

Professional golf has been discontinued throughout the pandemic, but the PGA Tour is expected to reopen on June 11 behind closed doors.

“All we have to do without sports is talk about reality. Obviously, reality is not great for everyone right now,” Barkley told CNN Anderson Cooper. “It’s great. You have four great athletes in sports history.”

“We need sports. Are they the most important in the world? Not even close. But one thing they do is they take your mind off the rest.” [things] The world is happening. You need a break. ”

The show will air on May 24 at 3pm ET and will be live on CNN International.

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