‘The Batman’ star Charlie Carver recalls being insecure at school for being gay

'The Batman' star Charlie Carver recalls being insecure at school for being gay
Wanda J Diaz
Written by Wanda J Diaz

Carver, who was featured in an Instagram post in 2016, has just won the Gelsen Gamechanger Award. Gelsen works to create safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ students.

Post of the company in his acceptance speech WebsiteCarver wrote: “I knew I wanted to do something with my life to help young people feel ashamed of their relationship. I didn’t want the scene. I wanted to expose this part of myself as I wanted to.

He continued, “It is my hope that some young man out there can experience the change that I felt was coming and coming, by sharing this post and sharing why I came to the decision to come out professionally.

While in school, Carver discussed his own problems, saying, “There’s this constant feeling that school isn’t safe or all that much. If I take down my defenses and come to a fast and horrible state, I find myself. And I’m very scared. I am running and trying to handle it.” My own shame I now recognize that. “

He said LGBTQ children are “resilient” and “compassionate.”

“LGBTQ children suffer shame on the Internet, often at school, and sometimes at home, and it affects them for the rest of their lives. But LGBTQ people are resilient and in some ways, especially,” Carver said. “I think it is natural for us to think compassionately, act courageously, be creative and live in community. But those qualities, those important qualities can only really emerge in a safe and encouraging environment.”

Actors Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Ronnells, Robin De Jesus, Tuck Watkins, Brian Hutchison and Michael Benjamin presented the award to Washington Carver.

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