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The man drowns on a rockaway beach after being washed up

The man drowns on a rockaway beach after being washed up
Patrick R Lanz
Written by Patrick R Lanz

Authorities say a man drowned Friday on Rockaway Beach, which has no lifeguards, as it kicks off Memorial Day weekend.

At 2:48 pm, a 24-year-old male was hit by a sea before being pulled out of the water. Near Beach 92nd Street, NYPD said.

In a video of the dramatic rescue obtained by The Post, two officers grabbed the man by the arms and legs as he ran from the water.

The witness who captured the video told The Post that the man was underwater for 5-7 minutes and when he got out, he was “completely gray.”

“Why are there no lifeguards? People are on the beach and allowed on the sand but not in the water. This is going to happen repeatedly, ”witness Fume said.

A man in critical condition was taken to St. John’s Hospital but could not be saved, police said. He died just before 4pm.

Last year, city beaches did not officially open with Lifeguards until the Saturday before Memorial Day, but this year, state parks have opened lifeguards.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to shut down the beaches for swimming and they will not be open on Memorial Day weekend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NYPD said Thursday that surfing, and ankle-deep wading is allowed.

It is unclear whether that person was surfing.

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