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The Secrets to Cheap Books from the Bookstore

By: Marina Clements

“I saved a lot. My EDU book cost $69.00 I paid $22.00.” That was the experience of Tyland Haywood, a third-year education major at Ferrum.

Price matching allows students to get textbooks from the bookstore for the same prices as online companies without the wait. The bookstore manager, Patty Sigmon, says, “We will match whatever company – whether it is Amazon, the actual company, or Barnes & Noble or Chegg. Whatever their prices are we’ll beat it by 10 percent.”

A few steps must be taken in order to complete this process. Start with an ISBN number, which will allow the bookstore to make sure you have the same edition that your teacher has suggested. The ISBN number should be printed with the price that the company provides, the print out should come directly from the company’s website. As long as this information can be provided there are no exceptions to this offer.

Price-matching websites make this process much easier than it may appear to be. Two websites were tested to find three books from three different academic categories: American history, popular culture, and chemistry provided to be simple, quick and extremely helpful. For Brinkley’s American History textbook, Neebo charges $65.87 as a used rental,’s cheapest offer was $18.20 for a 125-day rental and’s cheapest offer is $48.86 for a semester rental. Principles of Chemistry can be found on Neebo for $60.97 as a rental;’s cheapest offer is $4.67 for a used copy, and offers $4.07 for a used edition. The same pricing can be seen for Globalization & American Popular Culture. Neebo charges $18.97 for a used rental,’s cheapest offer is $11.09 for a semester rental, and’s cheapest offer is $10 for a 125-day rental or $11.58 for a 160-day rental.These prices may vary depending of if one buys from the Internet or the bookstore. Most of these prices will decrease when the shipping prices are subtracted and the 10 percent discount from the bookstore is taken out.

These websites also provide all the information that the bookstore requires to price match, which means these books can also be brought from the bookstore without the $3.99 shipping fee if there is a shipping fee added to the price. Not all offers by and charge a shipping fee, which means more savings for students.

Another way to save money at the bookstore is to rent used books instead of renting or buying new textbooks. “I will stress that rentals prices this year have decreased significantly,” says Sigmon. “Blinky’s American History book sells used around $150 dollars – as a rental you can get it for $65.”

For those who just want to order their books from Neebo, the best time to price or rent books before the semester begins. Prices go up when textbooks are in demand but when it is off season the price are lower because the demand for textbooks has decreased. Last semester the end date was December 31, 2013 for this semester’s books. This is done by pre-ordering books from the school’s Neebo link. When making a purchase, students can have their books sent to their homes, the bookstore or their Ferrum mailbox.




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