A Love Affair

A Love Affair

By: Jay Horton


            On the weekend of January 30th through February 2nd, the Ferrum College Theatre Arts Department presented their winter play, “A Love Affair.” The play was put on by the theatre department’s senior seminar class, and it was the perfect play for Valentine’s Day.

             One of the shows had about 25 people in the theatre. The cost per entrance was $6 for adults, $5 for senior citizens and students from other colleges and universities, and all Ferrum College students, staff, and faculty got in for free.

             The main characters in this play are Jimmy and Alice Diamond. The Diamonds are moving out of their house that they’ve lived in for years. While moving out they find themselves reminiscing their younger years in their marriage. During the play the Diamonds comment on their past experiences, and eventually confront their former selves, which is one of the best scenes in the play. The Diamonds show what it is to truly have a love affair by staying together even after all their struggles. One of the strongest points in the play is when Jimmy was cheating on his wife, and she catches him. He tries to hide it, but he obviously can’t. Alice eventually forgives him after he expresses his true love for her, and says he wants to be with her forever.

             There was a small set on the stage that held the setting the Diamond’s story. In one corner, there was a bedroom set up for the younger Diamond couple because most of their scenes were in the bedroom. On the other side was the bedroom for the older Diamond couple. Finally they had the setup of the attic where all the Diamonds’ belongings were stored. This is how some of the scenes of the younger Diamond couple began.

             One of the theatre department presidents, T.J. Olmo, said, “The play had its moments. It’s easily confusing until you get the concept of the play.” He felt that the overall concept of the play was good, but it could have been expressed in a different way.

             The next production the theatre arts team is putting together is the spring musical, Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.”

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