College Experiences

By Aliyah Ford

   Many children dream about the day they will be free from their parents, but they don’t dream of the struggles that come with freedom. Beth Dantonio, who has been an English professor at Ferrum College for 12 years, says most college freshmen have something in common.

“Most kids have a scared look on their face. Then I’ve heard, ‘Are books really this expensive?’ Another thing that I’ve heard is ‘Everybody seems so nice,’ like they were expecting the devil himself,” Dantonio added with a laugh.

Asked about how she helps students adjust to college life, Dantonio said, “I have a son in college so I know that it can get hard. Read and participate in anything because the more you are involved in, the less homesick you may feel.” She also likes to joke, making students feel more comfortable whenever they need help.

Tierra Holman, a freshman, said that students have more freedom in college because, “We’re finally adults. It’s a test of your maturity.”

Holman said she had some freedom before coming to Ferrum, but she had “created” herself while being away from her parents.

“That’s true somewhat,” Holman said, “I am free because my parents aren’t here.”

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