Franklin County Fair Returns

By Sloan Champney  

For the first time in 40 years, the Franklin County Agricultural Fair returned, bringing four days of exciting fun and food from the 10th of September to the 13th of September at the Franklin County Recreational Park. Vendors from all around the USA came to the Franklin County Recreational Park for four days of sunshine and liveliness.

The Franklin County Agricultural Fair opened its arms and extended a warm welcome to vendors and tourists from around the state of Virginia. Some of the excitement came from Dialed Action Sports Team, three BMX stunt riders who performed for a live audience ready for the thrills and nerves that accompanied the BMX show. The three riders came to Virginia from Central Connecticut, executing a handful of both humorous and dangerous tricks. Some of the tricks took up to five years to learn and perfect, and thankfully none of the riders fell during the show. The fair also included booths for learning, such as SkillsUSA. The team that had come to the fair were electricians, entertaining those who watched by working meticulously to fix electrical wiring in the interior of a house. Another educational booth was the Future Farmers of America. The FFA had many exhibits to show off new advances in farming technology as well as new tractors coming into the market. The fair was directed mostly at young children, so many of the attractions had more to offer for the younger audience. It included a petting zoo, showing off exotic animals such as a camel and a kangaroo. They also included many rides, such as a 50-foot Ferris wheel and a smaller version of the Drop Tower.

Everyone seemed to be complimenting the delectable food and thrilling atmosphere that the fair had brought to the quiet hills of Franklin County. One family claimed they were most excited about the cattle show and the lawn mower races. Another family had been inspired to come to the fair after their little girl had attended on Friday, the busiest day, with Franklin County schools. The daughter was very enthusiastic about how much she was enjoying the funnel cake and the carnival, eagerly showing she off the goldfish she’d won.

Vendors have already begun signing up for next year, making plans for double the excitement. While many of the vendors plan to come back, more are ready to add life into the Franklin County Agricultural Fair and bring it back to the status it had 40 years ago.

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