Marching band may return — and it may not

By Logan Smith


In 2013 Ferrum College introduced the color guard squad, to the campus. This year the school is making efforts toward the remaking of a marching band. It is unusual to see one of these without the other because marching bands and color guards go hand in hand. To get a marching band at Ferrum, many steps have to happen.

Currently, the school’s marching band is in the “interest” phase, meaning word is out about the program, but no real steps have been taken to make it happen. The first step is to find two or more advisors for the club. The next step is to recruit leaders for the club: president, vice president, founders, orchestrators, and students who can skillfully play an instrument. The next big step is writing a club constitution stating what is good about the club, what the club will be doing, and how it can positively affect Ferrum College.

When all the steps have been addressed, there will still be other issues to deal with such as budgeting and fundraising. Ferrum does not have instruments to give to students, so the club will need to raise enough money to purchase them. Another issue is finding a time and place to practice. The marching band will face scheduling conflicts with the athletic teams on campus because they practice year round and there is limited space. The last major issue is no one has taken charge of the process. Student Leadership and Engagement put a survey online asking students if they would be interested in bringing back the marching band and the results came back positive in favor of bringing it back. There is interest and potential for a marching band at Ferrum, it just takes one person to get the ball rolling.

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