Open Mic night brings out Ferrum talent

open mic


By Ashton Robinson

Panthers Productions puts on different events around campus, consisting of movies, talent shows, and even open mic nights. They had a wonderful open mic night Nov. 6 in the Panther’s Den. The show opened with a group called the Billies. The group isn’t affiliated with Ferrum, but its members are close friends with the show’s organizers. What really grabbed the audience’s attention was the talent displayed by Ferrum’s own students.

Jameika Simmons, president of the Panther Productions said, “We do not want to do auditions. We just want to do open screening, because I wanted to allow more students to come out and express their talents and passions.” Trying to get back to a more laid-back atmosphere, the show opened up with a singer Caoimhe Rafferty from Ireland who blessed the crowd with the song “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. Rafferty said she enjoys singing because it makes her feel free inside.

In addition to singing, there was rapping by junior Judson Holley, and even some heartfelt poetry by senior Chrissy Mahone. Chrissy cited her own poem entitled “#NoFilter,” which spoke directly to the fellow students today. The performers all seemed really thankful for the crowd’s enthusiasm and support with all the clapping and interaction. As the show went on, the performers were grinning and getting more into their performance.

Sheneika Simmons, Panther Productions’ vice president, said after the show, “I really enjoyed the turn out of the performance and the crowd’s participation. Last year’s open mic night and crowd were very negative. ” She said the next show will be sometime in February. Panther Productions is also looking for new members; the group meets every Monday in the Student Leadership Room in Franklin Hall at 8 pm.

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