Ferrum’s New Football Coaches

By: Micaela Reddick

Ferrum’s campus continuous to grow and it is so exciting to announce our two

new football coaches, Coach Dave Kenny and Coach Patrick Hill.

Dave Kenny is originally from suburban Philadelphia, PA. Kenny has coached all

levels of football for 28 years. He has coached defensive and offensive, Kenny has also

been a head coach for a Division II team. A quote that he uses daily is “Hard work pays

off”, he explains on if we keep working everyday and as a team if we focus on taking

care of the little things then the big things will take care of themselves. Coach Kenny is

expecting a good game against Huntington this weekend, “Huntington is a good school

and there is a lot riding on this game,” because both Ferrum and Huntington are (1-0) in

the conference. Coach Kenny is comfortable at Ferrum and is enjoying his time here.

Patrick Hill, originally from Streetport, Louisiana coached football for eight

years. He has played high school football for four years, and collegiate one  year. He

started coaching at 19 years old. Hill has coached at Concordia University in Chicago,

Division III for four years and won a conference championship there. Soon after, he went

to Virginia State University, Division II and James Madison University, Division I for

spring ball, this past summer. He is excited to just be around organizations and work with

young men. A quote he uses to uplift my team would be, “Continue to win each day”

Coach Harper has instilled that into the team and it has drilled in his head every since.

Hill insists the team win at practice, win games, and win academically. His goal for this

team is winning constantly, day in and day out. Just not in the football team, but in their

classroom. He constantly teaches his teams being undisciplined on the football team,

means you are going to be undisciplined in life. We can expect in the game against

Huntington for Ferrum’s football to come out and compete and execute to a high level.

Execution will be the key! An interesting fact about Patrick Hill is he loves to cook and

on his days off he enjoys watching General Hospital.

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  1. Ryan Anderson says:

    Cool commentary. I like all of the inside facts, and especially the quotes from the coaches.

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