43rd Annual Folklife Festival

Coon Dog Open Water Race Still Main Attraction by C.J. Reed Every year in Franklin County, Ferrum College hosts the annual Blue Ridge Folklife Festival. Here, the community as well as people from all over the state get together in a day of fun and hard work to put on the best festival around. There […]

Brother4brother Takes On UVA

By Chris Rogers Ferrum College mentoring program, Brother4brother, planned a day trip to attend the Julian Bond Symposium at the University of Virginia. The symposium honors the life of Julian Bond and his legacy of fighting for civil rights and against social injustice. It was fitting that the symposium be held at UVA, since Bond […]

Appalachian Music At Folklife

by Joseph Pride Most people came to the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival this weekend for the food and some of them stayed for the coon dog racing, but one of the less appreciated attractions was the music. People found themselves at one of the three various music stages, where different bands performed all day. The […]

Haley Overstreet: The First To Score In Three Sports

by Graceanne Gershner Senior Haley Overstreet achieved a huge college milestone this October. Overstreet is Ferrum’s first athlete, men or women, to score goals in three sports; soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. When speaking to her about her experience Overstreet said, “I never saw myself coming to Ferrum and playing three sports.” Overstreet transferred to […]

Bond Between Dog, Trainer And Sheep Strong

by Aleysia Goodley  On Saturday,  Oct. 22, Ferrum hosted the annual Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, where there was a variety of country foods, music, demonstrations and activities for everyone to enjoy. The event was free for all Ferrum students to experience, and if you did not get the chance to go, you missed a variety […]

Mule Jumping

The mule jumping competition, which took place during the Folk Life Festival on Saturday, October 22, only had two contestants this year. Mindy was the losing mule of the two competing. Mindy decided to not attempt jumping over the 36-inch-high bar. The winning mule  named Ally May  is from Coleman Falls Virginia. Ally May jumped […]

Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Price

by Graceanne Gershner 2016 Ferrum graduate Kyle Price talked to “The Iron Blade” about his experience here in school and how he is enjoying his post grad life. Price described his time here at Ferrum as “ok,”. He said, “I made a lot of great friends and met plenty of good people while I was […]

Pulling Teams Of Horses Mean Tons Of Competition

By Jacob Rich The horse pull started 30 minutes late because travelling teams from Florida and Kentucky were caught in traffic. Eight small teams and three big teams competed. The goal of the horse pull was to have each pair of horses pull the weight 37 ½ feet. The competition began with 2000 pounds. Then, […]

Ferrum’s Own Trollville Turned Thetaville

by AnnGardner Eubank Alumni, students, and even urban dictionary, all have a similar response to the question, “what is there to do at Ferrum on the weekends?” The typical response: Trollville. Trollville was owned by a fraternity and ultimately became the weekend hot spot for years. The building hosted many college memories and experiences for […]

Beth Dantonio Explains Interpreting Body Language

By Hunter Ferguson The afternoon of Sept. 28 brought Ferrum rain and wind on the outside, but inside of the library’s LEAP room, it brought jokes and interesting messages. English professor Beth Dantonio took about an hour to inform students and faculty about the importance of body language and other non-verbal communication. “Don’t Stand So […]

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