Pulling Teams Of Horses Mean Tons Of Competition

By Jacob Rich

The horse pull started 30 minutes late because travelling teams from Florida and Kentucky were caught in traffic. Eight small teams and three big teams competed. The goal of the horse pull was to have each pair of horses pull the weight 37 ½ feet. The competition began with 2000 pounds. Then, the weight increased by 500 pounds at a time, until pairs of horses dropped out by failing to pull the weight far enough to qualify. The competition started around 1:30 pm and ended around 5 pm. This event had a large turnout of spectators. Many of them sat on the grassy hill or got up close and personal by standing at the fence. One of the teams from Virginia came in third behind one of the Kentucky teams and the Florida team. Second place was awarded to two horses from Kentucky named Chip and Merle. Chip and Merle are a common breed of horse called Suffolk. First place went to Ira Green’s team from Florida. Ira’s two horses were named Jake and Rock. Jake and Rock were the only horses able to pull 8,500 pounds 37.5 feet.

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