Alumni Spotlight: Avery Ardis Tosh

By: Graceanne Gershner

2015 graduate Avery Ardis Tosh updated the Iron Blade about what she’s been up to in the past year and a half since leaving Ferrum. Tosh had a full schedule while she was a student here. She was a double major in liberal arts and Russian with a minor in elementary education. Tosh said, “The wonderful professors in both my majors helped prepare me for the career I have chosen.” After graduation, everything kept getting brighter for her. Tosh’s husband, Kevin, proposed to her at her graduation party. Soon after that, she landed her dream job as a fifth grade teacher at Ferrum Elementary.
Technically speaking, Tosh did leave Ferrum College, but she did not leave Ferrum itself and that is something she enjoys. Tosh said, “I am currently in my second year as a fifth grade teacher and I love it. I love that I am able to stay in the area and it’s so neat to be able to teach my college professors kids.” Tosh stays busy now as much as she did when she was at Ferrum. At the elementary school, she is the leader of the running club, stays after school to help tutor kids, acts as a youth leader at her local church, and teaches dance for kids ages 3 to 10. Tosh says, “I love staying involved and dedicating my time to the community. I grew up here and I really enjoy giving back.”
Outside of work, Tosh and her husband Kevin bought a house in Rocky Mount and plan to stay in the area to raise her future family. The couple, being huge Tech fans, recently got a rescue dog that they named Beamer after Virginia Tech’s former coach Frank Beamer. Tosh’s future continues to shine as she dedicates her time to serving her community.”

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