Alumni Spotlight

By CJ Reed

Jacob Charles Irvin, known by his peers as “Swirv”, “Irv”, or “Jake,” is an early graduate of Ferrum College who will be walking this coming May. Jake was a part of the baseball team, where he was able to win two conference titles and received two rings during his three years. Irvin was also a part of Ferrum Outdoors. Jake studied Environmental Science in hopes of working for Hurt & Proffitt, an architectural firm in their Environmental Science Department. Unfortunately, there was no space left for him once he completed his final semester here at Ferrum. In the meantime, Jake has applied to other jobs and is currently working as a substitute teacher until he receives some phone calls. With such lack of success with getting a job in his field, Jake has considered going back to school to receive his Masters in the fall of 2017 if he is able to pass the GRE. He is still living at home until he finds an apartment to live in during grad school. When asked about his funniest memory at during his career at Ferrum, Jake said, “My favorite memory while attending Ferrum was flipping my canoe on the river while I was on e-term”. Jake also said that being an alumni was weird because he wasn’t used to not being in school and playing baseball. Jake wanted to end the interview by telling underclassmen to “always have a backup plan and work hard while you are still in school.”

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