Ferrum Haunt: An Ouija Experience

By AnnGardner Eubank

The ouija board was first introduced  in 1891 by Charles Kennard as a method of contacting and speaking with spirits. For years, people have used the ouija board to gain insight on relatives, friends, and even their own lives. While Hollywood has enhanced the popularity of the game, many real people have claimed to have had dangerous and out-of-body experiences due to the forthtelling board.

When freshman Camryn Holt returned to Ferrum from Christmas break, she was in for a surprise at a post-Christmas gift exchange with her friends. When Holt was given an ouija board by her friend, they were instantly struck with curiosity and began to play the game in Susannah Wesley Hall. When a group of about six people played the game, “A name of someone who I heard went here several years ago appeared. It started off slow and it wasn’t really moving, but it did gradually pick up the pace, especially when we asked how he passed away,” Holt said.  The group kept the talk fairly general and broad, keeping their questions unspecific and refraining from talking about their own lives. There was not much spookiness in this interaction. Instead, it was a fairly civil and “normal” session of ouija.

Curiosity struck the friends, leading them to Bassett Hall the following night to interact with a potentially different spirit.

“That’s when things got bad,” Holt said. “We reached a spirit of a name nobody knew of, and that’s when things got really scary. There were probably eight of us playing, but maybe twelve people in the room total. He was really mean. We asked him personal questions and he told each of us (players) how we were going to die. He was extremely fast about responding. He even knew about our families and who we were.”

While there are many naysayers when it comes to paranormal events such as the ones that took place at Ferrum last week, Holt has no doubt that her experience was the real deal. She said that there was no way someone else could have been moving the piece to spell out the words and answer questions. While she and her friends had a memorable time, Holt is very strong-willed when she says “Hell no, I will never do this again! It was seriously evil.”

      The story and ouija experiences were confirmed by two other participants. The ouija dilemma was heightened as more students continued playing the game. Bystanders had become worried and frightened, and the issue had become so severe for some that it had been brought to the RA’s attention. Freshman Shelton Chapman, an RA on Bassett Hall said, “We were told to not freak out or anything about the Ouija Boards, but because there had been concern, the RA’s individually asked the RHE if we could confiscate the boards or write students up for playing. We were told we couldn’t take the boards or write people up because they are technically allowed to play.”

    At this point, the ouija freights have fizzled out and seemed to have been put to a halt by those who have participated in the brief Ferrum paranormal phenomenon. Chapman said that there has not been any further issues regarding the game and its participants.


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