Love All Around for Valentine’s Day

BIMG_5081y Myles Francisco

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Love shown towards your family, friends, and maybe even a special someone. Love can also be shown towards yourself, and if you love and appreciate yourself, then you would have stopped by the Atrium in Franklin Hall Monday and Tuesday. On The minds and medicines club hosted a card selling event in Franklin Hall’s Atrium on Mon., Feb. 13th and Tues. Feb. 14th where you could purchase premade heartfelt cards for your loved ones for just one dollar. On Tues., minds and medicine club continued their Valentine’s Day sale alongside the social work club. The social work club hosted a bake sale on Tues., Feb. 14th in the Atrium from 10am to 5pm, selling all kinds of goodies such as; chocolate chip cookies, frosted cookies, brownies, mini cupcakes, and goodie bags filled with different types of cadies treats. Jamecia Smith, fundraising orchestrator and current member of the social work club stated, “We raised well over 130 dollars for our club.” Jamecia also informed me that we can expect a car wash in the near future hosted by the social work club as well. The clubs came up with two totally different means of raising money, however, they shared one goal, and that goal was to raise money for their own organization.

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