All About The Iron Blade – Opinion Piece

By Kaitlin Roeper

Every so often you open up your mailbox to find a new volume of The Iron Blade.  Some of you don’t read it and some of you look through to see what’s going on around campus.  One thing that remains a misconception is who puts the newspaper together.

For those of you who are interested, it’s actually a class offered every semester.  We have our own meeting space that could be considered a gossip chamber.  The staff meets and we talk about things we’ve heard going on around campus and assign stories.  It’s really that simple.  If you like writing or reporting you should join our team.  If you are someone who is really involved around campus or want to get events out around campus, you should join our team.  If you are interested in being published, take interest!  If you like taking pictures and want published, join our team!

The newspaper gives you a platform to share your interests around campus as well as opinions on subjects while allowing you to get them published! Also, the staff is always looking for pictures! And let’s be honest, being published is not going to look bad on your resume.  Just because our school is small does not take away our credibility.  

If you want to write or take pictures for the paper and have room in your schedule, the class is ENG-131, English Practicum.  If you want to write or take pictures but do not have room in your schedule, make sure to look for us at club fair. You can email me at or .

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