Advanced Acting Inquiring Minds

By Bobbi Guire

On Wednesday, April 5, the students of THA 320 (Advanced Acting) showed a preview of their performance for their final exam. They performed an excerpt from Clytemnestra. Clytemnestra is a play that is translated from Greek that follows the wife of Agamemnon and she is said to kill him, her son and daughter are mad at her and Apollo tells the son to strike his father’s enemies. He ends up killiing his mother and her new husband and he is chases by Furies; in the end the brother and sister are killed by the mother’s ghost. The students in the class study a variety of different techniques, with a focus on Tadashi Suzuki’s approach. During the rehearsal process, it is less about the actors and more about what they are doing on the stage. The performers would go through each line of the show and repeat it with a variety of five different positions. Giuseppe Ritorto, the instructor of the class, said that they chose this play because it was referenced in the book they use for the class.

The acting coaching helped cast members in Cabaret, this year’s spring musical. Junior Sierra Pearson said, “I had a better understanding of the show and how to move.” Junior Seleste Cowie said that her emotions came from her movements rather than pulling them from within. The cast was asked about how difficult it was to learn this technique. Sophomore Jasmine Williams said, “I had to get out of my head but also be in my head at the same time. We all have to be on the same page and all had to be in sync.” Sophomore Fox Yates said that parts of her body cracked that she didn’t know would crack. The class is set to have an open viewing of the full production of Clytemnestra sometime after Easter Break, so be on the lookout!

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