Inspiration behind the “Thought of the Day”

By AnnGardner Eubank

Reverend Dr. Jan Nicholson Angle is a religion professor and dean of the chapel who goes the extra mile to make a positive impact on everyone in the community each and every day. Last semester, Dr. Nicholson began emailing the Ferrum community daily inspirational quotes to help encourage students and faculty. “It’s one of those things where I felt like we all just needed that little extra ‘umph’ to start our days,” she said. The daily inspirations were inspired by some techniques she would use in her classroom. She said she would often start some of her classes by reading a quote or passage and asking her students to reflect. Dr. Nicholson doesn’t have a specific formula for choosing which quote she will use day to day.

“I have a prayer book that I pray over each morning” Nicholson said. “Then I open the book to a random page, and which ever quote I see first is typically the quote I will use.” She said that her quotes are God-lead because they are sent out to help guide the community through day to day life. Her goal is to promote overall peace and guidance. “It’s an opportunity to just pause for a moment and remember that we are not alone. I think they can offer direction and guidance.” Dr. Nicholson loves the response she has gotten from the community since she began sending out the inspirational motivations.

“I have been amazed by how many times I have been approached by students and faculty thanking for my quotes” Nicholson said. “As long as it means something to our community, I will continue the quotes.”


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