Annual E-Term Fair: Everything You Need To Know

by Mary Stoudt

Every year students are able to participate in an E-Term, which is a summer course that every student must take to graduate. There are a variety of E-Terms from math courses to traveling abroad. E-Term is a fun way to get involved and earn credits.

For the 2018 E-Term there are a total of 19 different courses to choose from (see right). Courses range from $0.00 to as much as $3,000. Some E-Terms require students to have prerequisites while others do not require any. The E-Terms for 2018 range from the 100 level to the 400 level, which gives a wide variety to the students to choose from. Each course is unique in its own way and offers students the chance to learn more about a particular subject.

However, to secure a spot in an E-Term there are important dates to be aware of. The last day to add an E-Term class for 2018 is January 12, 2018 and the last day to drop an E-Term class for 2018 is February 2, 2018. It is also important to note that any E-Term that is $2,000 or more requires a $500.00 deposit no later than December 11, 2017.

If anyone has any questions they can be directed to Dr. Kimberly Gaiters-Fields at kgaiters- elds@

2018 E-Term Course:

ENG 207: Literature The Literature of Slavery: Ante-Bellum and Post Civil War Narratives

REL 207: Globalizing Religion: Christianity and Indigenous Religion in Peru

SPA 451: Directed Study

ENG 210: World Folktales and Literature

COM 211: Radio Broadcasting Methods

THA 205, 305, 405: Applied Summer Theatre-I, II, III

PSC 384: The President and Congress PSY 298: Pre-Professional Placement PSY 355: Science of Sleep
PSY 438: Child Maltreatment

REC 372: Eco-Adventure

SWK 299: Introduction to Community Service

CJU 375: Crime Scene Photography

AGS 218: Regional Experiences in Agriculture

BIO 123: Introduction to Entomology- Insects and Society

CHM 405: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory

ESC 208: Ireland’s Natural History: Interaction of Nature and Culture

MTH 105: Fundamentals of Mathematics

MTH 106: Math Manipulatives

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