Club Fair

by Precious Leonard Left to right: June Otey, Treasurer, with a double Major in Business and Accounting. Ryan Woods, PR, Major: Sports Management. President Nasheim Bryant with a double in Business. The Black Student Union, or BSU, are determined to uphold their standards for community, spread diversity, and bring everyone together. President Nasheim Bryant said he […]

Alumni Spotlight: Graceanne Gershner

by Kaitlin Roeper The Iron Blade had the chance to catch up with Graceanne Gershner, a 2017 graduate, Delta Phi Epsilon sister, lacrosse goalie, and Art and Communications major. While at Ferrum, Grace managed to keep a 3.6 G.P.A all while being so involved, she considers herself to have had a well-rounded college experience. Since […]

Catching Up With Freshman

by Ashley Dalton Zita Gadia Q: Why did you come to Ferrum? A: I mainly came for wrestling and the beautiful scenery. Q: How do you like your stay so far? A: Everyone has been really nice. I enjoy being here because it is different from back home. Q: What are you looking forward to while you’re staying here? […]

Opinion Piece: Have Courtesy in Campus Dorms at Night

by Ashley Dalton As a freshman on campus, adjusting to the new college life has been a new learning experience. Observing the upperclassmen on campus has given me a guideline as to how I should present myself to the new environment. Doing so, I have also seen how other freshmen are adjusting to the change. I […]

Fall 2017 Chrysalis Contest


It’s a new semester, which means Chrysalis, Ferrum’s Literary and Arts Magazine is looking forward to reviewing your submissions. The Chrysalis is a student run organization where you can submit your short stories, photos, and poetry for all of the Ferrum community to see. This is a great way to showcase your art in a […]

Cell Phones in the Theatre – Opinion Piece

By Bobbi Guire So you are seeing a live performance and your phone buzzes. Do you check it? Because you really shouldn’t. It’s actually pretty rude to both your fellow audience members and the actors on stage. Contrary to what you may think, the actors can see you when you are on your phone. It […]

Inspiration behind the “Thought of the Day”

By AnnGardner Eubank Reverend Dr. Jan Nicholson Angle is a religion professor and dean of the chapel who goes the extra mile to make a positive impact on everyone in the community each and every day. Last semester, Dr. Nicholson began emailing the Ferrum community daily inspirational quotes to help encourage students and faculty. “It’s […]

Plastic Containers and Operating Times Cause Dining Hall Troubles

By AnnGardner Eubank Ferrum Dining Services are always trying to be innovative with their meal choices and offerings to please students with a variety of nutritious meals. While many students appreciate the dining hall staff’s efforts, there are concerns from the students about the the dining hall’s hours of operation and, most recently, the plastic […]

An Honest Review of Cabaret

Actors Rehearsing Cabaret

By Staff The Ferrum Theatre Department had high expectations following their hilarious fall performances of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged and the completely captivating and spectacular performance of August Osage County. Unfortunately, with such high expectations, the theatre arts department and the music department fell a bit short from the bar that had […]

All About Residence Hall Association

L to R - Kennsel Anderson, Jevonte Blount, Shelton Chapman and John Holleman at the VACURH event at George Mason University.

Photo From John Holleman

By Niamh Sammon The Virginia Association of College and University Residence Halls (VACRUH) evaluate the residence halls, ideas, and campus communities of colleges across Virginia on an annual basis. This year, Ferrum College’s Residential Housing Association was awarded the VACRUH Program of the Year, which recognizes the most outstanding student implemented program involving residence halls. […]

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