Opinion Piece: Have Courtesy in Campus Dorms at Night

by Ashley Dalton As a freshman on campus, adjusting to the new college life has been a new learning experience. Observing the upperclassmen on campus has given me a guideline as to how I should present myself to the new environment. Doing so, I have also seen how other freshmen are adjusting to the change. I […]

Movie Review: IT

by Patrick Duggan It can’t be easy to make a serious movie about an evil, superpowered clown who kills children. The 1990 mini-series rendition of It, Stephen King’s iconic novel, caved under the pressure. If not for Tim Curry’s legendary performance as the title character, I doubt the story would have made it to reboot. […]

Familiar Face, New Role


By Chris Rodgers The fall of 2016 means the start of a new school year and another year of athletics. For former wrestler Paul Biggs (2012), it means having his first season as head coach. Biggs is looking to bring success to the cross country team. Also, in the winter, he looks to continue the […]

Alumni Spotlight: Julianne Bove

By Graceanne Gershner Julianne Bove, recent Ferrum College graduate and New York Native, currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Being eight and a half hours away from home for four years at Ferrum made this transition much easier for me,” Bove said. “When I moved to Raleigh it was like I was going back to […]

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