13% of iOS users worldwide allow tracking applications to date: Report

New Delhi, May 10 (IANS) After Apple introduced its application tracking transparency tool with the iOS 14.5 update, only 13 percent of iOS users worldwide today allow users to monitor apps to better control their privacy.

According to data compiled by mobile app analysis site Flurry Analytics, only 5 percent of daily iOS users in the United States allow apps to track other apps.

Fleury Analytics, owned by Verizon Media, is used on more than 1 million mobile applications, providing integrated insights on over 2 billion mobile devices per month.

Until now, applications have relied on Apple’s Advertiser Identifier (IDFA) to track users for targeted and advertising purposes.

With the introduction of iOS 14.5, mobile apps now require users upgraded to iOS 14.5 to ask permission to collect tracking data.

“As selection rates are expected to be lower, this change is expected to create challenges for personalized advertising and attribute, which will affect the $ 189 billion mobile advertising industry worldwide,” Flurry Analytics said in an update.

Apple’s app tracking transparency tool requires users ‘permission before tracking their data on other companies’ apps or websites for advertising purposes.

Nearly 10,000 iOS apps accepted stimuli to comply with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ADT), another report said earlier this month, less than a week after the feature was introduced.

Citing its analytics, app data and analytics company AppFigures said that about 10,000 applications in the iOS App Store have directed permission requests to identify users for developer (IDFA) tags in line with Apple’s new guidelines.


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