July 24, 2024

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19-year-old hiker killed by bear

19-year-old hiker killed by bear

A young Romanian woman was severely mauled by a bear while hiking, sparking a wave of emotion in her country.

A 19-year-old mountaineer was mauled to death by a bear in Romania on Wednesday, July 10, sparking outrage in the country, where vegetation is increasingly being pushed out of the forest. A bear attacked a couple on Tuesday on a popular hiking trail in the Transylvanian Alps south of the city of Brasov (center). According to local media, the man fled, but the woman was dragged by the animals into a ravine that was difficult to access.

The victim, from Bucharest, was able to dial an emergency number, but by the time emergency services reached the area by rappel, his body was found, according to judicial sources cited by the media. “unfortunately lifeless”According to a press release. “It was horrible! We haven’t faced such a bad situation in last 10 to 15 years”An official told Digi24 TV channel.

The animal was killed

The animal that also attacked the rescuers was shot dead. Competent authorities said that analysis would now determine whether he had rabies. An investigation has also been opened to clarify the circumstances under which he was killed. On Wednesday, the Romanian president himself responded from the NATO summit he is attending in Washington. “I am deeply disturbed and shocked by this incident.”Klaus Iohannis, who was walking Saturday near the scene of the attack, said.

The head of state demanded a law “It respects European standards, but also respects human life”Because “There are too many bears, too many incidents, this cannot continue”. In Bucharest, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolagu announced his intention to convene an extraordinary parliamentary session to discuss new regulatory measures. According to him, if local interventions are necessary to control the risks, then the state “However, I will not give the green light for everyone to feel free to shoot bears.”A protected species in the European Union.

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Bear alerts are on the rise in Romania, an EU country with a population of about 8,000, according to the environment ministry’s estimate. In March, the country asked the European Union “to review their security status” And “To consider improving their security status”. According to official data, over the past 20 years, 26 people have been killed and 274 seriously injured by bears there. 7,500 emergency calls were recorded in 2023 alone.