3-step plan to relax COVID-19 rules in Saskatchewan. The province says it is an ‘incentive’ to get vaccinated

The Saskatchewan government has unveiled a three-step plan to phase out provincial COVID-19 public health measures, and some current restrictions will be eased soon by the end of May if the government’s desired vaccination targets are met.

In a news release released on Tuesday, The province openly stated that the program means an incentive for Saskatchewan residents to follow health measures and get vaccinated.

“These are two things we all need to do to move forward through the three steps to reopening, so we can enjoy a better Saskatchewan summer and get back to normal,” Prime Minister Scott Moe said in a statement.

Moe later told a news conference that he knew some people were still on the fence about getting vaccinated.

“It’s time for you to get out of that fence,” he said, adding that Saskatchewan is expected to receive more than 300,000 doses of Covit-19 vaccine in May.

The possible deadline for the reopening program – with the rules increasingly relaxed or in the last week of May, the third week of June, and finally the second week of July – is subject to change if vaccination targets are not met, according to a graphic published by the province.

The graphic outlined the specific changes associated with each step – everything from allowing group fitness classes to resume during step one to removing the current capacity limits for stores in step two.

The elimination of the need to wear a mask is not specified in the plan, although graphic notes under step three “Guidelines on sizes and interior mask collection are still being developed.”

(Government of Saskatchewan)

Rule changes apply to those who are partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated and those who are not immunized.

Each of the three stages of transition has two gateways, which must be completed before they can be triggered:

  • Step One – The Last Week of May: 70 percent of residents are three weeks away Age 40 and over Have received their first dose, and the vaccine is open to all ages 18 and over in the province.
  • Step Two – The third week of June: 70 percent of residents are three weeks old People aged 30 and over Three weeks from the beginning of step 1 are gained.
  • Step Three – Second Week of July: 70 percent of residents are in the first three weeks of age 18 and over Have received the first dose, starting at two to three weeks.

As of Tuesday, 65 percent of Saskatchewan residents aged 40 and over had received their first dose of Govit-19 vaccine.

Read the reopening plan here:

During the press conference, Mohd was joined by Dr Zakib Shahab, the provincial chief medical health officer, who was asked why other measurements such as being admitted to Kovit-19 hospital were not mentioned in the plan.

Moe said the vaccine numbers are the only ones admitted to the hospital.

Shahab said the province would monitor hospital admissions and transfer rates.

Ryan Mayley, leader of the Saskatchewan NDP, said the plan should be linked to those measurements.

“Moe and co. Looking at vaccine rates alone and ignoring social outbreaks, test positive and hospitalization, they are actually playing a very dangerous game,” Mailey tweeted.

Mo said the number of COVID-19 patients affected under intensive care will affect the program in one way or another. The Prime Minister said that if Saskatchewan happens to meet the measurements any step earlier than expected, the province should consider hospitalization and ICU condition before making any further progress with that measure.

The announcement comes after Saskatchewan doctors warned for several weeks that intensive care wards, especially those in Regina, would be overburdened by patients with COVID-19.

Younger COVID-19 patients are admitted to ICUs and stay longer The latest COVID-19 information sheet It was shared among Saskatchewan Health Commission doctors last Thursday.

(Saskatchewan Health Authority)

The number of COVID-19 patients in the Regina ICU has dropped over the past two weeks, from 35 on April 20 to 21 on Monday.

During the same period, the number of Saskatoon ICU patients with COVID increased from 10 to 14.

The total number of COVID-19 hospitals in the province during that period went from 195 to 174.

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