July 2, 2022

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A man linked to murder cases has been arrested in Fortress-de-France this morning

Police officers of the DTPN, backed by the comrades of the trial, intervened today (June 22, 2022) at around 6am to arrest a suspect in the C கோடிte d’Ivoire district of C -te d’Ivoire.

The man in the middle of the police station was nicknamed “Beaver”. Maybe it’s because he knows how to mix easily with nature like this half aquatic rodent. Comfortable when moving on the floor while hiding underneath Water.

What is the real name of “Beaver”? How old is he? What exactly did he accuse? Not much is known about the identity of this person and the details of the charges against him. Investigators are very careful.

He has been implicated in recent murder cases in the Martinique region. He said there is a porosity between different types of crimes. There, in this case, the investigation is ongoing, she will say it. But often and regularly there is a porosity between arms smuggling, drug and violence.

Guillaume Mauger, regional director of the National Police in Martinique

Police sources said that he was arrested this morning (Wednesday, June 22, 2002) inside the structure of the obstinate group. Because it is a “high risk” operation “Beaver” “famous for being dangerous and armed”.

Their RAID counterparts are supported by DTPN police officers Acted soon At 6 a.m. in the Kodiskart district, all routine precautionary measures are taken. In the end everything went well. “Beaver” did not put up any significant opposition.

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His arrest comes in the context of a serious crime. Since the beginning of this year, there have been twelve murders in Martinique. Criminals do not hesitate to use their guns in an “unrestricted” way.

In the context of criminal cases, murders or attempted murders, these are very intensive investigations because it requires a lot of cross-examination. It is necessary to use evidence, clues, and codes. But every time we go to the end to find the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes.

Guillaume Mauger, regional director of the National Police in Martinique

“Beaver” was taken into police custody at the Castle-de-France police station. It is due to be filed with the Prosecuting Magistrate tomorrow (Thursday, June 23, 2022).