A negative Vancouver restaurant complies with indoor dining ban, 2nd ordered to close

A Vancouver restaurant that vowed to violate the provincial ban on indoor dining now says he complies, while being ordered closed for a second after promising to stay open all weekend.

Custo Restaurant Federico Foucault said Saturday it would “comply with the latest order.”

“Because I want everyone to feel safe, it’s about security. I understand that,” Pujoko told Global News.

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On Friday, Foucault promised to open his restaurant for indoor dining in defiance of provincial three-week “circuit breaker” regulations.

Foucault’s violation led to the Vancouver Coastal Health Closure Order issued on April 1, and on Saturday, Custo reopened only for outdoor food. Vancouver Coastal Health clarified when asked if the restaurant was violating the order by being open.

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“We were blind,” Puigo said Saturday, arguing that no warning had been given to the restaurants and that they had large-scale perishable products.

Vancouver restaurant owner violates COVID-19 orders

Vancouver restaurant owner violates COVID-19 orders

“It could be the final nail in the coffin for restaurants. Someone needs to talk. We don’t want to lose our staff. We have families to feed them. Restaurants that have spent thousands of dollars on flexi glass dividers.”

Custo is not the only Vancouver restaurant that raises eyebrows with its opposition.

The Corduroy restaurant on Cornwall Avenue in Vancouver also opened its doors following a “save small business” rally at Vancouver City Hall on Friday, targeting restrictions.

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Owner Rebecca Matthews told Global News on Saturday that the restaurant was open and would remain as open as possible.

But Vancouver police confirmed Saturday evening that its liquor coordinator and provincial health officials were in attendance and that PHOs had provided full closure.

As of Saturday night, the restaurant was still open and serving customers inside.

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“I do not believe it’s right to pick and choose certain businesses to close. A lot of people say it’s three weeks, but I do not believe it’s true. I think they’re going to move goal posts throughout the year,” he said.

Matthews said closing the restaurant would cost thousands of dollars for the lost product and relying on the business to feed his family.

“We have to take a stand. Enough is enough. We can live and support our families. We have been doing it safely for the last while, ”he said.

“Going to work today is full of patio, so how is it different than sitting at a table inside?”

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Some BC. Churches continue with internal meetings

Some BC. Churches continue with internal meetings

Health experts are in broad agreement that the virus spreads most effectively in close quarters and indoors.

On Friday, Matthews spoke at a “save small business” control rally where he questioned the accuracy of the COVID-19 tests and called for businesses to reopen.

Following the event, protesters filled the restaurant with skill, with participants chanting “Freedom!” In a live broadcast video. Freedom! “Guests were in circulation without masks.

Public Safety Secretary Mike Bournworth described the breach as “disgraceful.”

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“What most British Colombians are doing, what all the restaurants in this province are doing, is complying with health regulations. They are there to protect the population, they are there to curb the epidemic and reduce the numbers,” he said.

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“So you think you’re special to do your nose thumb or you have any right or the rules don’t apply to you, it’s irresponsible.”

Farnworth said a business that was open could be fined $ 2,300 and anyone who visits could be fined $ 575. Liquor and business licenses could also be at risk, he said.

On Saturday, the province registered more than 1,000 new cases each in the past two days.

UPC mathematical biologist Sally Otto says she believes the rising numbers are driven by highly contagious COVDI-19 strains, which she now estimates account for half of the new cases.

“I mean we have to be more vigilant, we have to wear masks outside, we have to wear double masks,” Otto said.

“If you are in a long-term relationship, make sure you are away. In fact, shopping as much as you need at this time or minimizing anything you do. ”

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