A new legacy trailer features LeBron, Iron Giant, Cong

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy
Screenshot: Web light

After many years of anticipation (“LeBron James and Bucks Bunny are now friends!” Is the most anticipated event, at least), the first trailer for it Space Jam Continuation A new legacy Has finally arrived. And, of course enough: it looks like a movie J.I. to play basketball with Yosemite Sam in order to save his son from a terrible fate of not wanting to play basketball with LeBron James..

The worst aspect of the trailer is that one of them is heavily pointed out Entertainment Weekly Photos from a few weeks ago: True A new legacy Acts as a kind of Warner Bros.-exclusive spin on Ready Player One, King Kong, Iron Giant, and—Thanks Age of Kippo and Wonderbeasts Writer Ben McClure for pointing this out on TwitterSome of the violent anti-social thugs A clockwork orange. Have fun explaining it to the kids, folks!

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Get out of here, Scoop
Screenshot: Web light

Oh, ah: while pulling that screen shot (and looking at some more meticulously), we noticed: Two War Boys Mad Max: Fury Road, Multiple incarnations of various Batman villains (Joker Fight! Joker Fight!) And Mask. Yes, why the mask on Space Jam 2?

Anyway: Toffee Duck is there too.

Space Jam: A New Legacy July 16th welcomes congestion in theaters and on HBO Max.

Update, 3:35 pm: Not a cameo, but still weird: Per Variety, Warner Bros. confirms Lola Bunny’s character (who, God willing, We are all going to be Cool This time) Zentaya is going to handle A new legacy. The character was created by voice acting legend Kath Susie and most recently and most importantly played by Kristen Wy. Looney Tunes Show.

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