A study from Israel shows that Pfizer’s vaccine works best with two doses

The first nationwide study of the corona virus vaccine in Israel showed that the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine works best after two doses.

Two shots of the vaccine provided more than 95% protection against infection, serious illness and death, researchers said Wednesday. In The Lancet Medical Journal.

With its small population, Israel was able to quickly vaccinate a large part of its population.

The study found that the vaccine provided 95.3% protection against infection and 96.7% protection against death seven days after the second dose.

It was about 92% effective against infections that did not cause any symptoms.

“Within 14 days of vaccination, the second dose of protection increased 96.5% against infection, 98% against hospital admission, and 98.1% against death,” the researchers wrote.

But those who received only a single dose of the vaccine were much less protected. A single dose gave only 57.7% against infection, 75.7% against hospital admission, and 77% against death.

The study was funded by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Pfizer.

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