About 70 teammates quit their jobs due to a dispute with a supermarket chain

Drivers from Maine who work for the Shaw supermarket chain in New England have quit their jobs due to a lack of a new labor contract.

The walkout began on Monday, according to press reports. An Associated Press report quoted Joe Picon, a business agent at TeamStars Local 340 in South Portland, Maine, as saying that 70 drivers and mechanics were on strike.

In a prepared report released to Albertson’s supermarket chain Friedwaves (NYSE: ACI), It is owned by Shaw, who put the number of strikers at 65.

“We are in good faith bargaining with TeamStars Local 340 on our new labor contract for our 65 drivers and mechanics working at our Shaw’s Wells distribution center and are happy to return to the bargaining schedule this week,” Albertson said.

Many calls to TeamStars officials with the local 340 were not returned by release time. The National Union sent all questions to the local people.

There were no reports that any show was closed due to lack of products.

One thing both sides can agree on is that negotiations aimed at securing a new agreement began in August 2020. According to Albertson, both sides “attended about 20 bargaining sessions with federal mediators.”

The union’s online report acknowledged that negotiations had begun last August, but accused the company of dragging its feet.

There are no details on what the union is asking against what the company is offering. “Our current plan is in line with our outlined objective, which presents industry-leading contract improvements, but it has not been submitted to members for a referendum,” Albertson said in a statement.

“We look forward to seeing our employees return to work this week,” the company added.

In the AP story quoting Picone, the business manager said, “These are the people [Albertson’s] They say we have a great offer. “But he accused a key official involved in the negotiations of leaving the supermarket chain and waiting for a new offer from workers.

In the AP story, Picone said the drivers involved in the strike were working from a warehouse in Wells, Maine. The mechanics are in Scarborough, Maine. Both are south of Portland.

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