About 90 postal workers were isolated after Peel stopped changing the Mississauga facility due to the corona virus

About 90 postal workers are now isolated at home after Peel Public Health used a new Section 22 order to stop a shift at a post office in Mississauga.

Last week, 12 employees tested positive for COVID-19 at the Toronto Exchange office at 4567 Dixie Road inside the Canada Post’s Gateway West facility.

In a statement, the Canada Post informed staff on Tuesday that Shift 3 (afternoon shift) employees at the Peel Public Health Office were advised to leave work and be self-employed for 10 days.

The postal service said it was working with public health and that workers had been ordered to go home and be isolated today.

“The Canada Post continues to provide volunteer onsite rapid COVID-19 testing to all staff and contractors at our portal facility,” the Canada Post said. Report. “Any employee who tests positive should leave the workplace and be self-isolated. In each case, public health will be notified, and employees and the union will be notified. There are paid leave rules in favor of employees.”

The Canada Post reports that the victim’s office is where the international mail arrives to be reviewed and destroyed by the Canada Post Service Agency.

“Contingency plans are in place to reduce customer vulnerability. Any customer expecting an international mail item should track their item online and expect delays,” the Canada Post reported.

CUPW Toronto President Kaiser Maroop said he would love to see mobile vaccination clinics brought to CP24 to vaccinate postal workers.

“Canada Post Peel has been confirmed to comply with public health orders, so where is the mobile unit in our parking lot?” Said Maroop. “What is Peel Public Health waiting for? We have an eruption and we are in a hotspot zone. Why the delay? Vaccinate our members right now. ”

Postal facilities have been affected by several COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the infection.

Maroff said other explosions could follow, depending on how many people work at the facility.

“Members work under one roof. So this is a huge, dangerous workplace – with more than 4,500 members working – so of course, there is a probability, of course,” he said.

Peel and Toronto Division 22 have issued orders Allows health units to completely or partially close workplaces where five or more COVID-19 cases have occurred within the past week.

Peel, which has been plagued by partial workplace closures over the past few days, includes Amazon and Canadian Tire.

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