July 19, 2024

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According to local authorities, at least two thousand people died in the massive landslide

According to local authorities, at least two thousand people died in the massive landslide

This is a new, heavier number. More than 2,000 people were buried in a massive landslide in a remote Papua New Guinea village last week, according to a letter sent to the United Nations (UN) by the Oceania country’s authorities.

“The landslide buried alive more than two thousand people and caused significant destruction”, the country’s national disaster center is based at the UN headquarters in the capital, Port Moresby. The accident took place from Thursday to Friday around 3 pm. In our province, in the center of the countryA village residents were surprised to find themselves buried under mud and rubble while they slept.

Initially, humanitarian organizations and local authorities feared that between one hundred and three hundred people had died in the disaster. The death toll has already risen to 670 by the end of the week, with rescue workers realizing more people than expected in the landslide village.

There was a flow “There was significant destruction of buildings and food gardens and a major impact on the country’s economy.”Disaster Management Center said. “The situation remains unstable as the landslide continues to move slowly, posing a constant risk to rescue teams and survivors.”Officials warn in their letter.

The extent of the disaster is required “Immediate and concerted action on the part of all stakeholders”, including the military and national and regional stakeholders. The agency asked the United Nations to inform Papua New Guinea’s development partners and asked for assistance from the international community. “And other international friends” of the situation.

UN in Port Moresby Serhan Aktobrak, head of the migration agency, said earlier that rescue operations were underway. “Race Against Time” Find survivors. Emergency services work in dangerous situations, especially due to ” Rocks [qui] Keep falling and move the floor”The said Mr. Aktorbruk.

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“To make matters worse, groundwater seeps under the debris, turning the land surface into a slide”he added. “It could trigger a new slide.”The UN official warned, and represented A “serious danger” For rescuers and residents. About 250 nearby houses were evacuated as a precaution, he said.

Aid was delayed by tribal violence

Heavy equipment and excavators were expected to arrive at the disaster area, but their arrival was delayed by tribal violence that erupted along the only access route, Aktoprak said. “Many houses are burning and others are emitting smoke. Women and children have been displaced, and all young men and women in the area are armed with bush knives., he said, citing reports of aid convoys trying to reach the disaster site. However, this is not violent “Relating to Landslide”He clarified.

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Residents of nearby villages use shovels and agricultural implements to help exhume the bodies. A nearby mining company, New Borgera Ltd., has agreed to provide mechanical excavators to help rescue workers and clear roads.

For nearby residents, the collapse must have been fueled by the heavy rains that have hit the area in recent weeks. According to the World Bank, Papua New Guinea has one of the wettest climates in the world, and its humid highlands receive heavy rainfall regularly.

According to scientists, variability in rainfall patterns due to climate change increases the risk of landslides in the country. In March, a landslide in a neighboring province killed at least twenty-three people.

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