Additional evidence suggests that Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches will run Wire OS

We first heard that Samsung plans to move to smartwatches running the Wire OS, and in 2018 we saw some corporate employees wearing watches with Google’s operating system instead of Tyson. Nevertheless the company is stuck with all its smartwatches in its internal operating system. Last month a trusted tipster said an Android watch might finally come, and then we saw evidence supporting those claims.

The APK teardrop of the latest version of the Galaxy App wearable app claims that Samsung’s next-gen smartwatches will actually run Google’s root OS. Source has found a new plugin codenamed “Water” which is believed to be a root OS compatibility layer. There is also a reference to “NewVos”, which all claim that Samsung’s new smartwatches will come with the Wire OS.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

This code refers to the “Merlot” that the Watch Active 3/4 and Watch 4 are expected to come in sizes 40/41 mm and 44/45 mm, respectively. These include cellular and Bluetooth variants.

It is unclear whether Samsung will push Tyson to support Wire OS on its new smartwatches, or whether it will come with a new line of Wire OS-powered smartwatches as Tyson continues to run watches.


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