Alberta health officials investigate two workplace outbreaks of the P1 corona virus variant

Dr. Deena Hinshaw said Monday that Alberta public health officials are investigating two workplace outbreaks of the P1 variant of the corona virus novel.

One eruption covered three work sites in the northern and central zones, while one workplace in the Calgary zone.

Hinsha, the provincial chief medical officer for health, said one outbreak was linked to three confirmed cases of the B1 variant first identified in Brazil, while the other erupted was a confirmed case of a B1 variant.

Hinsha said in a lengthy Twitter post that the first explosion “seems to be linked to a large employer with multiple sites across western Canada.”

“The eruption began with a passenger returning to Alberta outside the province. To date, the spread has been limited to three work sites in the Central and Northern Zones, where staff traveled between sites.”

Authorities have identified 26 COVID-19 cases among employees at those three sites and their home contacts.

“So far, only three B1 cases have been confirmed, but this will increase as more results come out.”

Second, Hinsha said an unrelated P1 eruption was reported at a workplace in the coal zone.

Five cases are currently linked to that outbreak, including one confirmed case of the P1 variant.

AHS working with companies

As Alberta Health Services (AHS) works with both companies to ensure that at-risk individuals assist with testing and isolation,

“This includes staff at other sites that have been exposed. Anyone at risk is directly contacted and supported.”

A further 887 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the province on Monday, of which 432 cases were further linked to infections.

Those types are now 39.2 percent active in the province.

Alberta Health updated its online data Monday afternoon, counting confirmed case numbers from Thursday to Sunday. Those numbers:

  • April 1, 1,081 new cases
  • April 2, 1,071 new cases
  • April 3, 948 new cases
  • April 4, 887 new cases

Different cases reported during the same four-day period:

  • April 1, 327 cases
  • April 2, 552 cases
  • April 3, 622 cases
  • April 4, 432 cases

As of Sunday, 312 patients were being treated in Alberta hospitals for COVID-19, including 76 in ICU beds.

Hinsha said four more deaths have been reported to Alberta Health since April 1.

More than 9,102 tests were completed Sunday. The positive rate was 9.9 percent.

Hinsha said he was concerned about the rising number of cases in the province, including variations.

“Please make safe choices and communicate in person whenever possible to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the province.”

He thanked the public for their patience.

“It is important that we ensure that these inquiries are complex and that the information is accurate and that anyone at risk is contacted directly before sharing details. We must also balance the public’s desire for information while protecting the patient’s confidentiality.”

The Cabinet Emergency Management Committee will now meet on Tuesday morning.

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