Aldi is making a big change in Special Fuse in UK supermarkets

Aldi has confirmed a brand new shift in its popular specialty range with the aim of supporting British suppliers.

The bargain retailer has introduced a new seasonal fish, the price of which starts at 49 1.49.

The Special bag Supports British fishermen and suppliers, reports Birmingham Live , And mostly fishing features on the south coast of the UK, which are usually sold to restaurants across the UK and Europe.

Species such as Dover Soul, Lemon Soul, British Hawk and Cornish Herring are available, and this is the first time the turbo has been sold in any major UK supermarket.

The first species in the range, the specially selected Dover Soul is now on sale, the other species will be followed until June 3 and then hit the shelves from July 1 to 22.

The fish was taken from hundreds of independent fishermen working on the South Coast who sell their catches at the fish markets of Plymouth, Brixham and Newlin, and is the result of Aldi Plymouth-based supplier Sound expanding its partnership with seafood.

Julie Ashfield, Purchasing Managing Director Alti The UK said: “At Aldi, we are committed to supporting British food producers. With the many challenges facing the British fishing industry, we talked to our suppliers about what we can do to help.

“We are pleased not to be able to buy these seasonal fish stocks, otherwise they may go to waste, and it’s very good for customers who can enjoy restaurant quality seasonal fish at low prices.”

Alison Bezel, auctioneer at the Plymouth Fish Market, added: “This is a wonderful stimulus to our fishing community because it represents a real lifeline for our groups.

“In very ordinary times, most of the native fish caught off the southwest coast are destined for restaurants across the UK and Europe, so it would be disastrous if they were closed for most of last year.

“We have worked hard to find other buyers for our fish, and some suppliers deliver boxes of fish directly to customers’ homes. By acknowledging the quality and variety of fish that land in our ports, the response has been fantastic.

“Now Aldi has stepped in at a critical juncture, offering the opportunity to directly connect customers with British fish from our coastal communities. This is a significant new market opportunity. . ”

To encourage shoppers on how to make seasonal catches at home, Alti Has teamed up with restaurant, chef and food writer Mark Hicks to create delicious and simple cooking sequences.

Mark Hicks said: “Our beaches have wonderful, tasty native fish, and I have been campaigning for many years to encourage more people to try.

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“During the lockout, I have seen a real shift in seasonal and local food intake, and my fish truck customers are curious to know where their fish was caught.

“In this new range, Aldi is giving more people the opportunity to try these fantastic British fish at a high value. And I’ll share some simple seasonal cooking tips that chefs of all abilities can try at home.”

Aldi is determined to win over British food producers and is committed to spending an additional $ 3.5 billion a year with British suppliers by 2025 earlier this year.

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