American online shoppers express the need for speed

When it comes to home delivery, American online shoppers clearly prefer speed, according to a recent Nielsen UCO poll.

During the COVID-19 epidemics, one-day delivery, one-day pickup and next-day / after-picking all gained traction among online consumers, while two-day and one-day deliveries lost interest, according to a survey by Nielsen’s OmniChannel Shopping Fundamentals. Feb. 26 to March 28.

Twenty-seven percent of those who voted in September 2020 are considered to have been delivered on the same day, up from 23% in September 2019, according to Nielsen. On the click-and-collect page, 28% chose to pick up on the same day in September 2020, up from 20% a year earlier, and 27% of shoppers are expected to pick up the next day or later in September 2020. Time of year.

Similarly, 55% of customers opted for a two-day or more delivery in September 2019, compared to 64% in September 2019. The next day delivery also fell during those periods, from 37% to 35% of consumers.

“The study’s most important findings stimulate interest in the rapid delivery of home consumers,” explained Nielsen, based in Chicago. “Sixty-one percent of National Consumer Survey members say they want to deliver their products as soon as possible, while 39% of online shopper group members say they want to consolidate their product deliveries on one ship and reduce the number of packaging and delivery trips – even if it prolongs the delivery process.”

Nielsen research has captured the growing interest in online shoppers’ long delivery and pickup windows. For example, 10% of consumers surveyed for a one-day delivery in September 2020, which was 7% of shoppers in September 2019, and 13% supported a single-day delivery in September 2020.

Similarly, in September 2020, 40% of online customers preferred delivery two days or more (51% a year earlier), 16% favored next day delivery (20% a year ago) and 13% opted for the next day / later pickup (Up from 6% a year ago).

In general, priority trends are conducted at the same rate across consumer figures and revenue segments, but with a few exceptions, Nielsen noted. While 63.2% of households with children favored rapid delivery, 59.8% of households without children had large households, with more caring shoppers having a quick delivery. Moreover, Asian-Americans (47.8%), millennials (44.1%) and seniors (41.4%) are the most suitable to choose a more stable distribution.

Nielsen said that the research of its OmniChannel Shopping Fundamentals Survey reflects some recent findings. Online grocery market review of the Instagram and Harris poll. Of the two-hour or less, five-hour and other delivery time options offered to customers in the survey, 85% preferred to deliver within two hours or less, Instagram said. Instagram said 95% of small orders were delivered within two hours and 50% within an hour.

“Do customers choose fast delivery, curbside picks, frequent trips to the store or all of the above,” Nielsen said, adding that “the future of omni-shopping is with their customers deepening relationships around retailers’ ability to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.”

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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