Andreas is stunned with the miracle winner against Muguruza

Bianca Andres hit a shot very well and had to wait until he got off the court to see how it happened.

The 2019 US Open champion has played his best match since 2019 Defeat No. 13 Corbis Muguruza 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 Advancing to his first Miami Open quarterfinal. Under the lights at the Grandstand, Andreas showed a vintage performance, making major tactical changes after the first set to defeat the player who won the tour in 2021.

Throughout the 2 hour and 11 minute match there were excellent feathered drop shots, growing forehand returns and interesting point construction.

But there was a shot, scored early in the final set, and it was Everyone is talking:

Check out Bianca Andrescu’s amazing performance against Muguruza in Miami 2021

The best plays

23 hours Before

“That point, I went for it,” Andres said after the win. “I went for it. I didn’t look the other way. If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t. Because I haven’t recovered since.

“I felt my hips a little bit as I ran, so I focused, but then I’ve been clapping folks back. I, oh, it’s so good, I’re done.

“It shows that I can catch a lot of balls. Every ball is actually counted.”

“I feel like this match, I go with the flow, have fun there. It’s really shown, I want to continue because I play my best tennis.”

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