July 22, 2024

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Angela Merkel called on Armin Lachet to vote for the country’s “future” at her last meeting

Angela Merkel called on Armin Lachet to vote for the country’s “future” at her last meeting

“It’s only once every four years that you have the opportunity to make decisions at the federal level about your future, the future of your children and the future of their parents and who will design that future for you in Berlin.” Angela Merkel Called on Saturday to vote,
In the name of the “future” of Germany, Social Democrat Olaf Scholes was slightly ahead of the vote during a meeting with the Christian Democratic nominee in Achen for the Conservative Armine Lashett.

For his final meeting as Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who failed to prepare for her successor, made no attempt to catch the infamous and clumsy Christian Democratic candidate. “You have to make the right decisions, that’s what’s important to you tomorrow, because you decide your country and your future government.” Elections returning to the side of his 16-year rule. “The world is changing so fast, so Armin Lachet has a lot of work to do as federal chancellor,” he argued.

Merkel, always on top

“CDU’s C (CDU) does not mean you have to be a Christian to vote for CDU, but it is a vision of humanity that does not trust people, trusts people and always respects people and their differences,” the Chancellor explained. “Armin Lachet has shown throughout his political career that he can achieve this not only in theory but also with enthusiasm and commitment,” he said, describing a leader who can build bridges between people and accept their “differences”.

The 60-year-old former journalist “has just learned politics and he treats this northern Rhine-Westphalia state as a prosperous federal state”, praising the head of the German government, who is at risk of sending current affairs into the coming months while negotiating the formation of a new alliance. The 67-year-old president, who has since retired from politics, including a career of more than thirty, is still rising to prominence despite mixed record.

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