Announces swine flu in the province of Manitoba

Winnipeg – Manitoba health officials are warning people about the presence of H1N1 and H1N2, also known as swine flu, in the province.

Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr Brent Ruchin and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Scott Sorry made the announcement at a press conference on Friday.

According to the Manitoba government, the province has identified two separate cases of influenza related to unrelated individuals in different communities in southern Manitoba. The province identified one as human flu, A (H1N2) V, and the other as human flu A (H1N1) V.

The cases are the results of two different viruses and are not linked to each other. The government said they both appear to be isolated cases.

Rusin said there was no evidence that people were at increased risk or that there was no food supply chain.

The province said the two viruses were related to influenza viruses that spread to pigs. It said pigs are not usually infected by the influenza virus in humans, but occasionally cause human infections. When human infections occur, they are called heterogeneous viruses.

How they were identified

The province said the virus was detected in early April after two people went for independent testing after developing diseases such as the flu. Individuals had mild symptoms and were tested and recovered.

Both tests were negative for COVID-19, but later influenza diseases were diagnosed through routine influenza monitoring procedures.

This is a growing story. More details are yet to come.

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