Apple faces EU unreliable tariff over utility tariff rules

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The move marks the beginning of another confrontation with EU competition commissioner Margaret Wester, who for more than four years ordered the company to pay billions of dollars in back-taxes.

Apple has been accused of abusing its market dominance when it uses its own in-app purchasing system, which allows it to charge up to 30% on subscription services, the person said anonymously, as the EU has not yet announced a statement of objections to its arguments.

The document also states that Apple’s efforts to prevent the promotion of applications are illegal.

Apple’s regulatory woes have intensified in recent months as software developers criticize Apple and Alphabet Inc.’s Google fees for developers to use their digital distribution sites outside. Application makers urged the U.S. Senate last week to lift Apple’s control over the Apple Store.

In an e-mail from the European Commission’s press office, Vestager will speak at a press conference in Brussels at 1 p.m. He explained in an EU inquiry why Apple abused its power over its App Store to unjustly exploit music-streaming service Spotify Technology SA.

The European Commission has declined to comment on the content of its no-confidence motion. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2019, Spotify complained that Apple had unjustly squeezed its music streaming service with ever-changing rules and a large sales commission on the App Store. It said it was forced to “artificially” increase monthly subscriptions to its premium service to cover additional costs.

Apple responded last year by halving the fees charged to most developers who sell software and services in the App Store. It was reduced from 30% to 15% for developers and store newcomers earning $ 1 million in annual revenue from their apps. Apple claims that many apps do not charge for the company’s efforts to host and maintain store security.

The move by Apple to send objections raises the risk that the EU may order changes to its App Store or impose fines. Apple will have the opportunity to discuss its case against any EU skeptics before the regulators make a final decision. The European Union has been researching e-books and payments at Apple since last year.

The European Union (EU) and Apple have been waging a separate legal battle over a ில்லியன் 13 billion ($ 15.7 billion) tax dispute, with the company winning its first verdict by repealing a 2016 order that was a key signal for paying additional taxes. The European Union has ruled that Apple’s tax treaties with Ireland are illegal. Apple has always said it will abide by the law.

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