Apple Inc. has taken UK class action on utility payments

Apple makes “illegally higher profits” from Apple Store payments as claimed

Apple Inc. () has slapped a $ 1.5 billion class action lawsuit alleging that its App Store overcharged customers.

The lawsuit, filed in London’s Competitive Appeals Tribunal, alleges that Apple forced its customers to use its own payment system, charging about 30% commission and deliberately stopping competition.

According to the claims, Apple is making “illegal high profits”.

The US technology company, meanwhile, described it as an “unqualified” claim and said the commission was “in the mainstream of those charged by all other digital markets.”

This latest legal challenge in Europe comes after the April streak of audio streamer spatify and a review by UK regulators.

At the heart of the team’s dispute with Fortnight maker Epic Games is the payment system, which found an aggressively popular game from Apple’s app store.

The U.S. court case over the epic dispute began last week.

Apple was under pressure in the middle of a wide market sale on Wall Street earlier this week.

It was down 2.58% on Monday, down 1.69% from $ 124.70 in the previous session on Tuesday.

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