Apple is cutting back on the ‘unspeakable’ itch content offered in the epic game store

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. The platform has been accused of slandering Epic Games and its decision to make it to the Epic Games Store.

During cross-examination on the fifth day of the trial, Apple’s adviser Steve Allison, V.P. And asked the general manager of the Epic Sports Store about a store within a store. An excerpt from a transcript On the edge States:

Apple Lawyer: On April 22 this year, Epic Games Store added the app to its store.

Steve Allison, Epic Game: Yes.

Attorney: You know that.

Alison: Me.

Lawyer: You know that itch is a third party utility store.

Alison: Me.

Attorney: The court also heard that Itzio was added without reviewing all the games. You know it.

Alison: Yes.

Lawyer: Sir, did you know that there are so-called adult games like a game called Sister Lust?

Alison: I do not.

Lawyer: You may not know then, but the description of that game includes a list of fetishes, which contain many words that do not fit us to speak in the federal courts. Did you know that?

Alison: I do not.

Attorney: The list goes on and on. There are so many games on, I won’t even read the names out loud, but they are offensive and sexual. Don’t you know it?

Lawyers went on to confirm that Epic is distributing the Itcho Store through Epic Games and that the apps on the platform are being reviewed by Epic.O and are not epic games.

After some legal gymnastics about whether Epic is hosting the store or the content, Judge Rogers asked Allison if the apps could be accessed or not through the Epic Sports Store. Alison replied, “You can not access those apps through the Epic Games Store. You can access those apps through their app, which is what we download: It’s an app store. [Users] Keep their own account with them, you use their store and are subject to their end user agreement. “

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Judge Rogers pressed Allison to ask if there was an epic game store on the phone that could download “all of this attack stuff”:

Judge Rogers: So, if I have a phone, and your App Store is on that phone, you can download the other store, which contains all of these attacking stuff.

Alison: Not on your phone. You can download the application on your computer and access their application on your computer.

Judge Rogers: But you want to do that over the phone. That’s what I understand.

Alison: I had no idea we wanted to do that with Itch.yo [on a phone].

Judge Rogers: But you do this now, so you can access it on my computer, right?

Alison: Yes.

Judge Rogers: This case is about your ability to make phone calls, isn’t it?

Alison: Yes.

Kellen Browning, a court reporter for The New York Times on Friday, said Apple’s argument about the dangers of App Stores in the App Store seems to echo the judge. was added to the epic game store on the desktop last month, saying they thought it was a “fun idea” “Since EGS has a large audience, it is a good opportunity to expose a lot of people to the itch.

Apple clapped again on stage as these questions surfaced, taking to Twitter to mock the idea:

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