Apples are the envy that caught the attention of Kitsch’s French Fest event

LOS ANGELES – D&G Global’s NV Apple brand has teamed up with Kitchen, a food and lifestyle media company, for Kitchen’s first French Fest virtual event.

“From making pancakes with the kids on Saturday mornings to fritters and mimosas with best friends, the dishes for the brunch are the ultimate in attachment and warmth,” said Faith Durand, Kits’ editor-in-chief. “This spring, our first. French Fest Community Acquisition, we celebrate the food and drinks we wake up with, bring our families together and give them a reason to say cheers with the people we love.”

As part of the French Fest program, Envy will feature a live recipe demonstration led by French Fest guest star Kate Wood of Wood and Spoon with Nicole Rufus, Kitchen’s assistant food editor. An interactive game on Kitson’s Instagram stories will show jealousy over a variety of brunch recipes.

In addition to the day-to-day activity of the event, visual ads on Kitsch’s website will highlight highlighting jealous apples, and recipes for the envious brunch will be provided with links that can be purchased online. D&G Global supports additional digital advertising, social media content and a public relations campaign that is expected to cross 200 million records this spring.

“The year-round season of envious apples naturally plays an important role in various seasonal cooking tips,” said Cecilia Flores Pace, North America’s marketing head at D&G Global. “With their premium quality, beautiful red skin and large size, they are a valuable addition to brunch menus. As families begin to spend time together in person this spring, Mother’s Day 2021 is a happy time to gather around the best items around the brunch table on a sunny Sunday.”

D&G Global has created a brunch-themed website at, where users can find additional cooking tips and a Mother’s Day gift, in which fans will have the opportunity to win a $ 200 gift card and 6 packs of NV apples. An honorable mother for themselves and their lives.

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