April 3: Nova Scotia 4 reports new COVID-19 cases, warns of possible exposure on Air Canada flights | Local | News

Four new COVID-19 cases were reported in Nova Scotia on Saturday.

Of the two cases in the Federal Health Zone, one was related to travel outside the Atlantic Canada. The person is isolated, as needed. The other is the close connection of the previous case.

There are two cases in the Eastern Region, both of which are related to travel outside the Atlantic Canada, the Department of Health said in a news release. People are self-isolated as needed.

The health department adjusted the location of the new case, which was announced Friday. It is in the Western Health Zone, not the Central Zone.

There are four new cases above Nine was announced Friday.

Nova Scotia now has 32 active cases, one case from yesterday: 19 in the Central Zone, nine in the Western Zone, three in the Eastern Zone and one in the Northern Zone.

“The Nova Scots have worked hard to keep their communities healthy and safe. We will keep it this holiday weekend, ”Prime Minister Ian Rank said in a statement. “Please follow the public health guidelines – stay home if you’m not feeling well, follow the collection limits, check regularly if you are socializing, and wear non – medical masks anytime.”

‘Epidemiological standard’

Labs of the Nova Scotia Health Authority completed 2,352 Nova Scodia tests on April 2nd.

Since Oct. 1, Nova Scotia has completed 313,116 tests. There were 643 positive COVID-19 cases aged 10 to 90 years. 610 settled cases and one death. One is in the hospital.

“Our epidemic status is good news for what is happening in some provinces across the country,” said Dr. Robert Strong, chief medical officer of Nova Scotia Health. “So far, we are fortunate that we do not have any social outreach associated with our diverse events. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow public health precautionary measures and get tested when called.”

Nova Scots are strongly encouraged to seek asymptomatic COVID-19 testing, especially if they have a high number of close contacts due to their work or social activities. Appointments can be booked https://covid-self-assessment.novascotia.ca/ By selecting the asymptotic option. Quick test pop-up sites are being set up around the province. More information about the test can be found here https://www.nshealth.ca/coronavirustesting.

Possible exposure advice

Nova Scotia Health Public Health on Saturday evening released a consultation on the release of COVID-19 on two Air Canada flights:

  • Air Canada Flight 624 departs from Toronto on Sunday, March 28 (9:15 pm) and arrives in Halifax on March 29 (12:15 am).. Passengers in rows 18-24 Continuing isolation and immediate attendance data are requested covid-self-assessment.novascotia.ca/ To record a test regardless of whether or not you have COVID-19 symptoms. All other passengers should be continuously isolated as needed and should show signs of COVID-19 until April 12th.
  • Air Canada Flight 604 flies to Halifax (10:50 am) on Thursday 1 April in Toronto (7:50 am). Passengers in rows 18-24 You are asked to continue self-isolation regardless of whether you have COVID-19 symptoms or to book an online test immediately at the link above. All other passengers must be continuously isolated as needed and must show signs by April 15th.

These passengers should not go to a COVID-19 assessment center. They must book an appointment online, but do not visit the pop-up quick test location.

All possible disclosure notices are listed here: http://www.nshealth.ca/covid-exposures.

Nine cases were filed by N.P.

On Saturday, New Brunswick reported Nine new COVID-19 cases, including an explosion at a specialty care home in Edmundston.

On March 25, Nova Scotia advised residents not to travel to the Edmundston area, where the latest NB cases have occurred more frequently. New Frenchmen are allowed to visit Nova Scotia without self-isolation Nova Scouts still need to isolate themselves When visiting NB


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